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Learn how to use drones in your construction business at HBR Offices

Starting: April 12, 2018, 10:00 am
Ending: April 12, 2018, 11:00 am


                        Learn how to use drones in your construction business!

Thursday, April 12th @ 10am @ HBR Offices, 3675 James Street 


This presentation will provide an overview of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) commonly referred to as drones. This overview will cover different types of drones, uses and applications in different markets.  Also included will be Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and requirements for commercial use of drones and what it takes to receive an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate that is required for all commercial pilots.


Anytime you use a drone in your business – it is considered “commercial use”.  Be aware that there are heavy fines from the FAA, if drones are used commercially without the proper training. 


The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes followed by a question and answer session further elaborating on uses in the construction industry. 


It will be presented by Brian Pitre, CEO and Co-Founder of SkyOp & Jon Thies , Managing Owner of US Drone.


SkyOp is a technology transfer company creating training experiences that prepare the American workforce for new jobs and business models enabled by emerging technologies.  SkyOp is an education company teaching people in the commercial and public safety markets to fly and use drones safely, legally, and effectively. SkyOp was a finalist and selected from over 250 drone companies in the Genius NY competition in 2017.


US Drone is a company with proven success in construction, real estate, government, security, insurance, marketing and entertainment.  Drones enhance the perspective of business operations in all industries. Our mission is to help customers improve sales, increase efficiency or reduce the risks employees face. With a focus on customer service and our knowledge of this emerging industry, US Drone is uniquely positioned to help your business thrive.