Homeowner Resources

We, at the HBR of CNY, encourage all consumers, to “do your homework” when preparing for a project for your home. 

In this section we would like to help you with your homework by providing information on many aspects of adding value to your home.  Such as: explaining the value of hiring a professional; many do-it-yourself tips; information on green building and energy efficiency; general maintenance tips for your home; on home safety, etc. etc. etc. 

We highly encourage you to take advantage of these and other resources to help ensure you make well informed decisions on what your family values most – your home.
Why do the HBR of CNY members want informed buyers?

Quite simply, if consumers take the time to learn about the professionals in the building industry;  those companies who are insured; who use contracts; who hire quality craftsmen; who take pride in the valuable work that they do; who follow and stay aware of the industry codes and laws; who not only ensure that they continue to stay current on the latest products and trends, but also make sure that they are running their business in an appropriate and fiscally responsible way: everyone will benefit, as the pros will rise to the top and the customers will know who they can trust with their family home.  

On behalf of our members, the pros, and any true, reputable industry professional we ask you (the consumer), to work toward educating yourself on how to make wise choices when choosing a contractor to work on your most valuable asset – your home.