Another Pro


Why you should look for the Another Pro Symbol.

There are 'fly-by-night' contractors who prey on unsuspecting home owners. Some home owners, dazzled by 'low-ball prices,' may end-up risking their home and its value, because of shoddy work, incomplete work or work that does not stand up to local codes or the test of time, leading to additional financial and emotional burdens.

This is why we provide expert, practical information to help you make wise choices. And, as professionals, the HBRCNY members offer this valuable, free information to help you own and maintain your home because the more you know, the better decisions you make.

While New York State does not license residential-construction contractors, this is still a highly regulated industry. Our members know the state and local laws, and follow local codes and rules because it is the right way to do business.

So 'Do your home work' first before starting any home-improvement or repair project to save time and, in the end, save money! Remember, this is your most valuable possession.